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We started our band in late 2006. Danielle was about to graduate high school and I was a freshman. But she was like, “Fuck — I wanna play music! I don’t wanna go to college!” And we’d been doing Rockinhaim for so long, she said, “Well, why don’t we try writing some songs?” So me, Este and Danielle started writing songs, like, every day. And we wrote some really awful, shitty songs. And then we ended up having five songs that I knew how to play live, so we played our first show on 7/7/07, because we thought it was super lucky and poetic. And all of Danielle’s friends came from high school because they were all about to leave for college, so it was our biggest show and we thought we’d made it and this guy in a pinstripe suit was gonna come by with a record contract and save our lives. But, uh, that didn’t happen. By the next show, all of Danielle’s friends had left for college, and we had two people in the audience. Literally. So from there, we just kept playing and playing. All those years, we played every weekend we could, and every time we could beg someone to let us open for them and get the 7:30 slot. We played over a million 7:30 slots — I didn’t give a fuck what time we played, I just wanted to play. And finally, Danielle started touring with Julian Casablancas, and I literally had one month of high school left, it was my senior year. And Julian was like “Does Haim want to go on tour with me?” And I was like “Yeah. Peace, high school — I don’t give a fuck! I’m going on tour!” And doing that tour changed everything for us, because we realized that we could tour outside of Los Angeles, in markets that we never knew existed before, like Tennessee and Ohio and Colorado, where we got a reaction from the audience. And when we got back, Julian told us “You guys really need to stop playing and write and record a good EP. Then start playing again.” And that’s exactly what we did. We didn’t play for a year and we wrote every single day of that year, and we finally got our Forever EP done. Then we released it in 2012 and went to South By Southwest, and that’s kind of where everything started for us.
HOW HAIM STARTED (via everydayhaim)